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Our executive office is conveniently located in Garden City, only minutes away from the neighboring communities of Glen Cove, Long Beach, Hempstead, North Hempstead, and Oyster Bay. We are less than a mile from Meadowbrook State Parkway and four miles away from the Long Island Expressway. We are located next to the Roosevelt Field Mall. Read information about our Nassau County mediation services below.

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Our Nassau County Divorce Mediation Services

divorce mediation Garden City, Nassau County, NYFacing the decision to end a marriage is undoubtedly one of life’s most challenging.  At Divorce Mediation Professionals, we understand the complexities and emotions involved in this process. Divorce mediation in Nassau County, NY offers a constructive alternative to the traditional adversarial route, allowing couples to address common issues that arise as result of marital dissolution with dignity and respect.

As local divorce mediators, we’ve witnessed firsthand the struggles couples face, from communication breakdowns to financial disagreements and parenting conflicts. Divorce can indeed be a difficult and overwhelming time, but our mediation services in Nassau County provide a structured and supportive path for couples to navigate through these challenges.

Our skilled and experienced mediators are dedicated to facilitating constructive dialogue and guiding you towards concluding fair and legally binding agreements. We also help you navigate the entire process from beginning to end, providing the legal services necessary for you to obtain a legal separation or divorce.

We are here to support you with compassion and expertise during this challenging transition. Contact us today at (516) 222-0101 or contact us online to schedule your FREE consultation.

What is Divorce Mediation?

Divorce Mediation is a collaborative process facilitated by a neutral third party, known as a divorce mediator, to help couples navigate the complexities of divorce. Unlike divorce litigation, which often involves courtroom battles and adversarial legal proceedings, divorce mediation focuses on open communication, mutual understanding, and reaching agreements amicably and in private. It provides a non-adversarial and cost-effective alternative, allowing couples to maintain control over their decisions and outcomes- rather than delegate those decisions to a judge.

Divorce mediation can be used at any stage of the divorce process, whether it’s at the initial stages of considering separation or during the negotiation of terms such as custody, asset division, and spousal and child support.

We understand that not every couple is “amicable” and many disagree on a lot of issues – but they are still able to successfully conclude an agreement in mediation. That is because a divorce mediator plays a crucial role in facilitating productive discussions, helping couples identify common goals, providing information, and guiding them towards mutually beneficial solutions. Their impartial perspective and expertise in conflict resolution are invaluable in fostering a cooperative environment and achieving fair and sustainable agreements.

In Nassau County, the divorce mediators at Divorce Mediation Professionals are committed to providing compassionate support and guidance to couples seeking a peaceful resolution outside of court.

To learn more about our divorce mediation services in Nassau County, please call us at (516) 222-0101 or contact us online for a FREE consultation.

What Issues Can A Nassau County Divorce Mediator Help Resolve

In divorce mediation, various issues are addressed to help couples reach fair and mutually acceptable agreements. Here are descriptions for each of these key issues:

Custody and Parenting: Parenting arrangements involve the determination of legal and residential custody, parenting schedules, decision-making responsibilities, and communication methods regarding the upbringing of children. This includes addressing concerns about parental roles, co-parenting strategies, and ensuring the well-being of the children amidst and following the divorce.

Child and Spousal Support: Financial support often encompasses decisions related to child support and spousal support (maintenance). Child support involves determining the financial contribution each parent will make towards the care and upbringing of their children, considering factors such as income, expenses, and the child’s needs.

Spousal support involves determining the financial assistance one spouse may provide to the other for their maintenance and support post-divorce, considering factors such as earning capacity, duration of marriage, and financial dependency.

At Divorce Mediation Professionals, we will explain how the New York State Child Support Guidelines and the New York State Maintenance Guidelines may be applied in your situation. Ultimately, with that knowledge, it is up to the parties to determine what is fair and makes sense in their unique situation.

Division of Assets: The division of assets involves allocating marital property and debts acquired during the marriage. This includes the marital residence and other real estate, vehicles, bank accounts, retirement accounts such as 401(k) accounts or pensions, investments, personal belongings, and debts such as mortgages, loans, and credit card balances. The goal is to achieve an equitable distribution of assets and liabilities, taking into account factors such as contributions to the marriage, financial needs, and future prospects.

Division of Liabilities: Similar to assets, liabilities acquired during the marriage need to be fairly divided. This includes mortgages, loans, credit card debt, and any other financial obligations incurred jointly or individually during the marriage. The mediator helps couples understand their financial obligations and negotiate a division that is fair and manageable for both parties.

Tax Considerations: Divorce mediation also addresses tax implications associated with various financial decisions made during the divorce process. This includes considerations related to child support, spousal support, division of assets, and claiming dependents for tax purposes. The mediator can provide guidance on how different choices may impact each party’s tax situation and help them make informed decisions. In more complex matters, your Nassau County mediator may call on another neutral professional, such as an accountant or financial professional, for assistance in helping you understand the financial and tax implications of your decisions.

By addressing these issues in divorce mediation, couples can work together to find solutions that meet their unique needs and circumstances, while avoiding the adversarial nature and expense of litigation.

The Benefits of Divorce Mediation

Nassau County divorce mediatorsDivorce mediation offers numerous benefits that make it a better option for couples seeking a more amicable and efficient way to dissolve their marriage. Firstly, divorce mediation in Nassau County, NY provides a cost-effective alternative to traditional litigation, saving couples both time and money by avoiding lengthy court battles and legal fees. It is a more efficient process, where time is spent with one neutral professional focusing on the issues to be resolved together.

Additionally, mediation promotes open communication and collaboration, allowing couples to maintain a sense of control over the outcome of their divorce while working together to find mutually agreeable solutions. This process also tends to be less adversarial, reducing conflict and preserving relationships, which is particularly beneficial when children are involved.

Moreover, mediation is often quicker than litigation, enabling couples to move forward with their lives more promptly. Ultimately, divorce mediation empowers couples to craft tailored agreements that meet their unique needs and circumstances, fostering a smoother transition into their post-divorce lives.

Why Choose Divorce Mediation Professionals in Garden City, NY

At Divorce Mediation Professionals, we stand out as the premier choice for couples seeking a compassionate and effective resolution to their divorce. Our firm is distinguished by several key differentiators that set us apart from the rest:

  • We are very experienced, compassionate mediators: Our team consists of highly skilled professionals with extensive experience in divorce mediation. Our divorce mediation firm was found over 40 years ago and we have worked with thousands of couples over many decades. We understand the emotional challenges our clients face and provide empathetic support throughout the process. Our entire practice is devoted to divorce mediation.
  • Focus on fair agreements for both parties: We are committed to facilitating fair and equitable solutions that meet the needs and concerns of both spouses. Our mediators foster open communication and collaboration to ensure that agreements are mutually beneficial.
  • Faster, less stressful than traditional divorce: With our streamlined mediation process, couples can resolve their divorce more quickly and with less stress compared to traditional litigation. We take couples through the entire process, from beginning to end, providing both mediation and neutral legal services. Our clients will work with a neutral attorney who will formalize the agreement they concluded during the mediation and process an uncontested divorce on their behalf. We prioritize efficiency and strive to minimize conflict to help couples move forward with their lives.
  • Providing additional legal services to help effectuate your agreement: We help you effectuate the terms of your agreement by providing additional legal services such as preparing and filing deeds and drafting qualified domestic relations orders (QDROs) required to divide certain retirement assets, such as 401(k) accounts or pensions. We have extensive experience with preparing and filing QDROs for participants in the most common plans, including the New York State Pension and Local Retirement System, the New York State Teachers’ Retirement System, the NYC Teachers’ Retirement System, TIAA-CREF, the Electrical Industry, the NYC Police and Fire Pension Fund and other defined contribution plans, among many others private industry plans.
  • Cost-effective alternative to litigation: Divorce Mediation Professionals offers a cost-effective alternative to costly and time-consuming court battles. By avoiding litigation, our clients save on legal fees and other expenses associated with traditional divorce proceedings.

Choosing Divorce Mediation Professionals means choosing trusted and experienced professionals dedicated to guiding you through the divorce process with compassion, expertise, and efficiency. We hope to help you navigate this challenging time and by offering a better, more sensible way to divorce.

Contact us today to request your FREE consultation. Please call (516) 222-0101 or get in touch online here.

Our Nassau County Divorce Mediation Process

Step-by-Step Divorce Mediation Process:

  1. Initial Free Consultation: The first step in the divorce mediation process is for both spouses to meet together with one of our divorce mediators for a free initial consultation. This meeting can be in person at one of our office locations or by Zoom. During this meeting, we’ll explain our mediation process and answer any questions you may have. We will also explain our fee structure and give you an estimate of timing and costs based on your unique circumstances. We will provide you with an opportunity to learn more about Divorce Mediation Professionals, how we propose to help you and the procedures that we will employ for that purpose, and how this differs from what you will experience if you turn to adversarial divorce proceedings. Most important, it will enable you to meet with the mediator with whom you will be working to see if you feel comfortable with her.
  2. Gathering Information: Prior to our mediation sessions, it is helpful to gather necessary financial documents, including income statements, tax returns, bank statements, and asset/liability information. You can also, compile any relevant documentation related to children, such as school schedules, healthcare information, and extracurricular activities.
  3. Mediation Sessions: The next step is to schedule mediation sessions at a mutually convenient time for both parties. Each mediation session typically lasts about 1.5 hours, during which the mediator facilitates discussions and negotiations between you and your spouse. The mediator guides discussions on various topics, encouraging open communication and problem-solving. The mediator provides you with information and helps brainstorm potential solutions to reach agreements that are fair and mutually acceptable. The mediation sessions continue until all issues- such as custody and parenting schedules, support obligations, and distribution of all assets and liabilities- are resolved. Most couples are able to resolve all issues in about 3-5 sessions, depending on the complexity of the issues involved
  4. Drafting the Agreement: Once agreements are reached on all issues, a neutral attorney-mediator drafts a comprehensive agreement outlining all terms agreed upon during the mediation sessions. The couple will meet with the attorney-mediator to review the proposed draft page by page, paragraph by paragraph to ensure accuracy and clarity. Some couples may retain separate independent attorneys to review their agreement if desired, though this is not required and up to the individuals.
  5. Filing for Divorce: Upon concluding the agreement, a couple can remain legally separated or can proceed to terminate their marriage by getting a divorce. If both wish to do this, Divorce Mediation Professionals will prepare and process all of the papers through the court system necessary for them to obtain an uncontested, no-fault divorce. We can also help process other documents such as deeds or qualified domestic relations order.

What to Expect in Divorce Mediation

  • A neutral mediator facilitating discussions in a non-adversarial setting, providing information and offering suggestions for compromise.
  • Guidance through discussion of all issues to ensure a complete and comprehensive settlement.
  • Open communication and collaboration between spouses to reach agreements.
  • Focus on finding solutions that are fair and beneficial for both parties.
  • Flexibility to address specific concerns and customize agreements to meet individual needs and goals
  • Confidentiality and privacy throughout the mediation process.

How to Prepare for Divorce Mediation

  • Gather relevant financial documents and information.
  • Consider your goals and priorities for the mediation process.
  • Reflect on key issues, concerns, and potential solutions.
  • Approach mediation with an open mind and willingness to compromise.
  • Maintain respectful communication and cooperation with your spouse.
  • Seek support from professionals throughout the process, such as attorneys or therapists, if needed.

Client Testimonials and Success Stories

Discover what our clients have to say about their experiences with Divorce Mediation Professionals.

“Maren Cardillo and her team were so easy to work with. The Divorce Mediation process was handled with compassion and care. I would recommend them if you’re looking for divorce mediation.” says one former client.

Another satisfied client, shares, “The attorneys and staff at Divorce Mediation Professionals are terrific. Kind, compassionate, knowledgeable, trustworthy, ethical. They exceed every expectation. Highly recommend.”

In Nassau County, we recently assisted a couple in reaching a fair and mutually acceptable parenting plan, where both parents felt they had substantial and meaningful time with their children. This has allowed them to co-parent more effectively post-divorce. Additionally, we successfully mediated a complex financial settlement for a couple involving several real estate investments and complex financial assets, ensuring equitable division of assets and debts without the need for costly litigation.

At Divorce Mediation Professionals, our priority is achieving positive outcomes for our clients, and we are proud to share their success stories. Get in touch today. Call (516) 222-0101 or contact us online.

FAQs about Divorce Mediation in Nassau County, NY

Yes, both spouses are encouraged to attend the consultation together in person or by Zoom. This fosters open communication and collaboration between the spouses from the outset, setting a positive tone for the mediation process. Our goal is to create a supportive and inclusive environment where both spouses feel heard and respected as they work towards reaching mutually beneficial agreements.

Depending on the county where the divorce is filed, it typically takes about 4-6 months before the divorce is granted by the judge.

Divorce mediation is recommended in situations where couples are willing to engage in open communication and collaboration to reach agreements amicably. We understand that not every couple is “amicable” and that is certainly not required for divorce mediation to be successful. Divorce mediation is suitable for couples who prioritize maintaining control over the divorce process and desire a more responsible, cost-effective and efficient alternative to traditional litigation. Additionally, mediation is beneficial when there is a desire to preserve relationships, particularly when children are involved, as it promotes a less adversarial approach. However, mediation may not be recommended in cases where there is a history of domestic violence or unwillingness to be transparent or negotiate in good faith.

In New York, the duration of divorce mediation varies based on individual circumstances. Typically, mediation involves several sessions spread out over a few months. Most couples we work with at Divorce Mediation Professionals will get to the point where it is possible for their attorney-mediator to prepare the initial draft of their agreement after three to five sessions. The number of sessions ultimately required depends on the complexity of the issues and the level of cooperation between the spouses. While some cases may only need a few sessions to reach agreements, others may require more time and multiple sessions.

In divorce mediation, it’s essential to communicate respectfully and constructively to achieve a successful outcome. Avoiding certain phrases or behaviors can help maintain a positive atmosphere and facilitate productive discussions. It’s crucial not to engage in blaming or criticizing your spouse during mediation sessions, as this can escalate conflict and hinder progress. Additionally, refrain from making threats or ultimatums, as they can create tension and impede cooperation. Instead, focus on expressing your concerns and interests calmly and clearly, while also listening attentively to your spouse’s perspective. By doing your best to maintain a respectful and cooperative approach, you can work together with your mediator to find mutually beneficial solutions and navigate the divorce process with greater ease.

Divorce mediation offers a cost-effective alternative to traditional adversarial legal proceedings, which can be exorbitantly expensive. While litigated divorces often result in each spouse spending tens of thousands of dollars, mediation typically costs only a small fraction of that amount.  Plus, there are no retainers to pay upfront, unlike with divorce lawyers who often charge retainers equal to or greater than the entire cost of a mediated divorce. With mediation, there are fees for both spouses, not two. The cost of mediation is usually determined by the time it takes to reach an agreement and the complexity of the issues involved. During the initial free consultation, your mediator will assess the complexity of your situation and provide an estimate of the cost accordingly.

Most couples discuss this during the mediation sessions and many agree to pay for the mediation from their joint assets.

About Our Nassau County, New York Divorce Mediation Experience

Located in Nassau County, New York, our team at Divorce Mediation Professionals has extensive experience serving the diverse needs of couples in this thriving area. Nassau County boasts a population of over 1.3 million residents and encompasses a variety of vibrant communities, including Garden City, where our office is conveniently located at 585 Stewart Avenue. As one of the largest suburban counties in the United States, Nassau County sees a significant number of divorce cases each year, reflecting statewide trends in New York.

Our experienced mediators in Garden City, NY have handled thousands of cases in Nassau County over the years, achieving numerous successful outcomes for our clients. With landmarks such as Roosevelt Field Mall, the Nassau Coliseum, Hofstra University, and the Family Court and Supreme Court nearby, our office is easily accessible from surrounding areas.

We frequently work with local courts, including the New York State Supreme Court located at 100 Supreme Ct Drive, Mineola, New York, to provide comprehensive divorce mediation services tailored to the unique needs of Nassau County residents.

As demand for mediation services continues to grow in Nassau County, our team remains dedicated to helping couples navigate the divorce process with compassion, expertise, and efficiency. For those seeking divorce mediation in Nassau County, our office location offers convenient access via major highways, including the nearby Meadowbrook State Parkway, the Northern State Parkway and Long Island Expressway.

Directions From the Long Island Expressway (I-495):

  1. Take exit 38 for Northern State Parkway toward New York.
  2. Merge onto Northern State Parkway E.
  3. Take exit 31A for Meadowbrook Parkway South toward Jones Beach.
  4. Merge onto Meadowbrook State Parkway South.
  5. Take exit M3W for Stewart Avenue toward Nassau Coliseum.
  6. Keep right at the fork and follow signs for Stewart Avenue West.
  7. Merge onto Charles Lindbergh Boulevard.
  8. Turn left onto Stewart Avenue.
  9. Continue on Stewart Avenue for about 0.8 miles.
  10. Arrive at 585 Stewart Avenue, Garden City, NY.

Directions From the Meadowbrook Parkway:

  1. Take exit M3W for Stewart Avenue toward Nassau Coliseum.
  2. Keep right at the fork and follow signs for Stewart Avenue West.
  3. Merge onto Charles Lindbergh Boulevard.
  4. Turn left onto Stewart Avenue.
  5. Continue on Stewart Avenue for about 0.8 miles.
  6. Arrive at 585 Stewart Avenue, Garden City, NY.

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