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We offer Free Consultations and Mediation Services both Virtually and In-Person

Why Mediation

Our mediators will help you find the best solutions for your family in a more cooperative, practical, and cost-effective manner.

Our Process

Divorce Mediation Professionals will take you through the entire process. We help you mediate all of the issues related to your separation or divorce and formalize all required legal documents.

Free Consultation

This meeting will provide the two of you with an opportunity to meet one of our mediators, learn more about the process and ask all of your questions.
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A More Practical Approach

Benefits of Mediation vs. Litigation

Your Opinion Matters

Divorce is more than just a legal problem. It is a deeply personal problem with legal and financial implications- one often fraught with the complexities of not only the individuals involved, but also of their children and families. All of these complexities are important and deserve consideration. In mediation, you can voice all of your concerns and goals.

You Determine the Outcome

Other people should not make decisions about your life and family. You are the ones in the best position to do that. With information and a supportive environment, you can make a better agreement for yourselves in mediation than a judge can make for you in court. You will remain in control of the outcome.

You Preserve Your Resources

Divorce is overwhelming and confusing. Your mediator will be your neutral guide, providing you with information and presenting options and ideas for compromise in an efficient and cost-effective manner. You will save time, money and limit stress for yourselves and your children.
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Free Consultation

We offer Free Consultations and Mediation Services both Virtually and In-Person. Both spouses are required to attend the Consultation. Please fill out the form below to contact us.

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