When New Year’s Resolutions Include Divorce

7 Tips Before Saying ‘I Don’t’ By Barbara Badolato, LCSW Every January brings a big jump in divorce filings.  Whether the holidays highlight huge holes in a marriage or the end of a tax year signals a time to start a fresh financial future, couples on the fence in...

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5 Mediation Misconceptions

By Barbara Badolato, LCSW In my 30-plus years of mediating divorces, I have heard just about every incorrect assumption regarding mediation. A few, however, are so prevalent, that I feel it’s time to set the record straight. Following are five misconceptions I have...

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Ask the Mediator

Q: My former spouse is taking our kids to services at his Lutheran church, although when we were married, we’d agreed our children would be raised Catholic. I’m furious. What are my rights, and what are his responsibilities? It’s understandable that you feel...

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Planting the seeds for a bright financial future

by Barbara Badolato, CSW As we fling open the windows of our home to let fresh air in, tend to our gardens and enjoy the lengthening days, we turn our thoughts to putting our personal house in order. If you’re going through a divorce or are you already divorced, and...

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Divorced doesn’t have to mean uninsured

Health insurance available through New York State by Maren Cardillo Elbaum, JD Many people in the process of going through a divorce are rightfully concerned about the loss of their health insurance coverage. In truth, couples often elect to remain separated rather...

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The Most Common Questions About Taxes and Divorce

  Divorce and Taxes: The Most Common Questions Thanks to short days and frigid temperatures leaving us stuck indoors, February is the perfect time to begin thinking about preparing income tax returns. Those who have recently divorced or are now going through the...

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