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Client, NYC 2

“Thank you for your sage wisdom, understanding, empathy and expertise. And thank you for creating the ability in us–at long last–to work together for a common good.” Client, NYC

Client, NYC 1

“With your guidance, we were able–in a very short time–come to an understanding that we feel is fair to both of us in terms of property and child custody. Plus, your mediation has left us dealing with one another to such an amicable extent, that I’m sure...

Client, Long Island 4

“Thanks for handling our situation with grace and professionalism. While this has been difficult for Doug and me, you’ve made the process as pain-free as it could be.” Client, Long Island

Client, Long Island 3

“The children are stable, healthy and happy. Life goes on and I will always remember it’s all about the children’s well-being.” Client, Long Island

Client, Long Island 2

“I wanted to say ‘thank you’ for getting me through the most treacherous time in my life. Your expertise helped me breathe again.” Client, Long Island

Client, Long Island 1

“I can’t begin to tell you how much I appreciate you and how, because of your kindness and expertise, I shall now have a brand new and wonderful life.” Client, Long Island