Seeing Isn’t Always Believing

March 12th, 2016

A shift in perspective can reveal the truth By Barbara Badolato, LCSW When we know someone very well, we often assume we also know the motives behind his or her actions.  This tendency to make assumptions about the cause of another’s behavior can be a roadblock to co-parenting. Consider this story by an anonymous author. […]

There’s No "Bad Guy" in a Good Divorce

March 3rd, 2013

No matter how wronged you feel, resist the temptation to make your spouse into the villain By Lenard Marlow, Esq. and Maren Cardillo, Esq., Divorce Mediation Professionals You and your spouse come to your divorce with very different histories of your marriage. (In fact, if someone could get the two of you to agree upon […]